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Our team has built over 600 websites. Written +1,000’s of unique pages. $2M+ ad campaigns. We currently provide monthly SEO for 6 websites on Ahrefs List of Top Ranking Websites Worldwide.

Chris Grau, Outshine Media LLC’s founder, has been in the sales industry since 1998. He started working with website development and internet marketing around 2008. Back when first getting into the SEO and website building business, Chris worked as an IT Administrator for many small businesses in St. Louis, MO. With his extensive knowledge of sales, marketing and computers; the leap to creating his own Internet Marketing Agency was quickly pursued. In 2013 Chris achieved the Advanced SEO Certification from After working with a variety of loyal Law Firms & Small Businesses for years, he decided to relocate to Jupiter, Florida and start Outshine Media LLC in 2014.

Outshine Media LLC offers professional SEO services for Small Businesses looking to successfully generate business online.

How do we create the Model of Your Company’s Optimal Internet Marketing Strategy?

By asking the right questions:

  • Who are your next clients?
  • What questions related to your services are your next clients asking Google?
  • What services’ or practice areas does your business specialize in?
  • What service or practice area does you business want to primarily offer?

We must start with Keyword Research to be able to clearly identify the search terms that your clients are using.

  • What search term best defines your entire umbrella of services?
  • What are the highest volume related search terms?
  • What are the most profitable related search term for your target service?
  • What negative keywords dont you want to target?

Focus? How many services or practice areas does your website need to offer?

  • Who are your online competition? Local online competition?
  • How are their SEO metrics? Ahref rank? Backlinks? Performance? Top Ranking Keywords? Best Domain links?

Once we identify the best keywords the describe your umbrella of services, then we know how many pages need to be on your website. At least 1 per each column of synonymous related key phrases that describe each service.

This is the foundation we build our clients SEO Campaigns on:

  • High Performance Responsive Website >>> SSD Dedicated Server, WordPress CMS, Caching, CDN, Optimized Images, .JSON local schema markup, consistent NAP
    • 500-1000 Word Unique Content Pages for Each Related Key Phrase Column per Service or Practice Area
      • Title, Description, H1, H2, H3, , internal anchors, video titles, image titles focusing on THE Related Phrases
        • Fresh unique content to compound text relating to longer tail searches and internal anchors passing consensus reinforcing the pages as the authority for the primary search terms.

Find out more and how we can help you OUTSHINE the competition online!